Long absence

Afted a long absence, here I am. But probably not for long. I have a lot of learning to Matura exams, especially to History. I read repertory, historical atlas, solving Matura tasks and doing Matura worksheets. A lot of work but I don't give up !

Now I'm ill. Maybe it's good, maybe not. But for that reason I have some time to learn to the Matura exam to History.
Fortunately, I have already done a Matura presentation from Polish Matura. I can't imagine that I would have to do it even now. Brr, it's terrible.
Matura exams in Maths, English and Polish don't cause me any major worries - only I'm afraid on verbal Matura exams of Polish and English. But I think that everything will be good...I hope.

Verbal Polish - only learn by heart presentation -> I think that will be easy especially that I have already done it.
Verbal English - here will be maybe some troubles. But now I don't think about it. Fortunately while enrollments in general don't look at verbal exams.

Finally we have spring ! Everything wake up to life. It's warm and sunny. I only wish that tonight have to switch time forward - this means that we will now sleep an hour less.

* * *

Photo for today: terror in lives of terror in pictures



Today I didn't go to school because I had a terrible rash. I took some tablets and rash slowly dissapear. It was probably allergic on something but I have no idea on what.
Do you think that all day I did nothing ? You are wrong ! All day I learn to school: English, Deutsch, Polish (now it turned out that unnecessary) and History - only read it (our teacher probably will ask us).

Sorry, but I did it again - I didn't write so long here, again...
Really, I want to write here more but simply I don't have enough time on everything what I want to do. I'm very sorry about that.
In the holidays I will write here daily....and something new appear here (more than one thing I suppose) :-)

In the last post I wrote about new vade mecum which I bought. It came to me on Monday and...since that time I didn't have time to look into it (notes to History didn't count). I hope that finally I will have time to learn to Matura exam. "I hope" I wrote ? I MUST to need time !

Outside I have snow O_O

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Some photos from holiday =>


Come back

All last week I was ill. I felt terrible - two previous weekes ended me. This is a reason which I didn't write posts. Despite of I was ill I did some Matura sheets of Math and learn a little History to Matura exam. History really worries me. In last days I understood that I really know very little from this subject. This conclusion led me to bought new vade mecum for History. And I now I'm waiting for it when it will come to me.

Matura exam comes really fast. I don't know when this fucking time elapsed. Only what was September  and text such as: "Matura ?! Pff, even a heap of time." And now it is March, to Matura exams are only 60 days and there is no moment to lose, every moment is important, every moment must be use to learn...well, maybe not every, but most. But sometimes I need a break too, because without it brain is not able to acquire more knowledge.
I hope that the new book will help me somehow to grasp the History, as the current book (now I see it) instead help me to plunges me more and more :-(

Outside is spring. Maybe not calendaring but certainly termal - is warm, sunny and beautiful. It's a pity that I don't have time to go out and photograph it ;-(

* * *

Photo for today: small silver miracle

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