Wind, diseases and other problems

Yesterday our Maths' teacher told us which results we receive from Matura exam of Maths. 12 people fail this exam. That's so sad and disappointing- to Matura exams are only 2 months and the so many people fail this exam. I hope that everybody will think about their results and will start hard learning. I think that reprimand from teacher does not help that someone suddenly starts to learn. Desire to learn and only has to come from him, and reprimand from teacher in any way will not work here.
To the Matura exams are only 68 days !

I have 31/50 points (this is 62%) from Matura exam of Maths. It is not too much but it's not enough. This result does not break me, but not satisfied. When I'm solving tests at home once me go right (then I have about 40 - 46 points) and sometimes bad (then I have about 28 - 35 points). Everything depends on the difficulty of the tasks on the worksheet.
For now I must to concentrate on learning to Matura exams - not for only Maths exam of course. History, Polish and English exams also need my attention - especially History exam. After Sunday my parents will buy me 2 books with History tests for Matura exam. I must to do them all if I want this exam well.

What's new in my life ? Small disease change in a big disease. I have sore throat, earsache, catarrh and other symptoms. Now I have to lie in bed and take a lot of tablets.
My guinea pig is also ill. She takes antibiotic and now is better than the beginning.

Outside is gloomy, windy and cold. A few day ago I thought that spring is coming but I guess I was wrong.

* * *

Photo for today: something different from my other photos


Trial Matura exam of Maths

Trial Matura exam of Maths was very very difficult. Almost all tasks were the same degree of difficulty - extremaly difficult. Just about 14 tasks from 33 was easy - I did them without any difficulties. For the rest of the tasks I didn't even know how to take, namely: closed tasks I shot and making rhymes and open tasks I didn't touch. I thought that only me that exam passes so bad but I was wrong. Everyone who I asked about exam told me that the exam had been really difficult and majority of tasks made the problems. Well, the teachers who composed this exam clearly overestimated our abilities - as much as geniuses we are not XD I only hope that Matura exams in May will be easier than these exams.

All exams writen ! Hurrah ! ^ ^
Now only remains to wait patiently for the grades which teachers issue to us of them.

Well, small summary. After writing all the exams I come to the conclusion that the easiest was English exam. Despite the difficulty in listenings everything was clear and as far as smooth (I think). More difficult than English was Polish exam. Provided that the essay was a simple, that text reading comprehension was a real tragedy. Questions were tricky and difficult to understand.
And today's Maths exam was a slaughterhouse ! Yes ! Massacre of the Innocents ! If from this exam I'll get 2 (grade) then I will be happy, really >_>
Good, the end talking about Matura exams...as yet...in this post XD

Today's weather is in the box - as I wrote the exam in the morning it was raining mixed with snow, as I left school it was raining and now the sun is shining. World is strange XD
Snow took an ugly brownish-gray color and leaves a huge puddles. Mud is everywhere - it's awful.

I still not feel good. My head really hurts, I have sore throat and other unpleasant symptoms. However I think that is disease. I didn't have any stress today ( I didn't afraid Matura exam of Maths because I can Maths XD - but not these tasks from the Matura which I wrote today ! ) so it can't be signs of stress. If I don't get better I go to the doctor on Friday.

* * *

Photo for today: holiday photo


Trial Matura exam of English

Trail Matura exam of English was a moderately difficult. The hardest were listenings. The speakers said too fast and sometimes I don't understood their. But the rest of my test went reasonably well, I think...
I didn't talk with many people so I don't know how others went to the exam and what they think about it.
Never mind. I think that we will talk about it tomorrow before Matura exam of Maths.
I don't feel stress before tomorrow exam. I can Maths and this is probably reason why I don't afraid tomorrow exam. I hope that tasks won't be very difficult.
Yeah, tomorrow is the last trial Matura exam ! Hurrah !! ^ ^

Yesterday my parents bought me new shampoo. Previous shampoo from Garnier was good but not too good. This shampoo is also from Garnier but for greasy hair. I hope that this will be good.

~ Photo taken by my mobile phone ~

Some days I feel not the best. I don't know if this is caused by Matura stress or takes me some sort of disease. However, unless all appearances, it is disease.

 * * *

Photo for today: tilt - shift effect


Trial Matura exam of Polish

Trial Matura exam of Polish was difficult. An essay was easy (from two topics I chose easier), but text reading comprehension was strange, difficult and not understandable. I have no idea who chose this stupid text ! Everyone who came out of the class strongly expressed its views on this text. Holy shit !
Tomorrow awaits me trial Matura exam of English. I hope that will be easier than today's exam. Especially I'm afraid of listening. This is what always makes me difficult. Exam's listenings are often blurred recorded or characters appearing in the video speak too fast.

Outside is warmer that last days. Finally ! Sun is shining and birds are singing. It' pleasant ! ♥

~ kwejk.pl ~

My guinea pig is ill :(
She has external otitis. She sleep majority of the day and drink water a lot. Fortunately, she eats - and this is the most important thing.

* * *

Photo for today: two small ships. Their sails are make of amber.



Weekend passes slowly and lazy. I don't have a lot of learning - only replays to trial Matura exams - that's easy.
I hope that everything will be good.
I don't learning anything more today. I must to rest by tomorrow that brain will be fresh and ready to go.

The snow melts, the temperature finally shows a value above zero - do the early spring ? I need a change of weather, some greens, warm wind and blooming flowers ♥
But with spring (specifically with the blooming chestnut trees) will come Matura exams - but recently I don't care about them. I think positively and I know that everything will be good.

Today I also did some photos - blue photos : D
But now I don't tell you what I photographed. The secret for now ^ ^

* * *

Photo for today: treasures ;-)


Small summary

I decided to do small summary of this week.

On Tuesday I was very annoyed - first in school and later at home.
Sometimes I feel like "slightly damaged" some people for their irresponsibility ! By their carelessness innocent people suffer.
Decisions of some "adult" people also makes me to the white fever - who invented trial Matura exams to marks ? *facepalm*

Wednesday - I didn't remember what I do ! It's worrying - could I fell on sclerosis ? I only remember that I made a decision that I was realized today. Anyway it is nothing - black hole.

Yesterday was crazy, fast and full of learning.

This day finished me off. I'm very tired, but...I'm also happy and satisfied - today I was at hairdresser. I only cut my hair, but this change had a positive results on my mood.

FRIDAY IS TODAY !!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

WOW, I have more than 1000 visits !! Hurrah !!
Thank all my visitors ^ ^ ♥

* * *

Photo for today: winery



A lot of work, a lot of learning but I NEVER GIVE UP ! I must think positively and I do this !
Even I like that my challenge. I think that is really good defiance. Positive thinking is something nice and to me needed - I became aware of this and I very happy with it.
By changing my attitude, all things appear to me to be an easier - and it's for me very strange but nice feeling.
It's good (I used to write I think/I suppose/I hope, now I know it !!)

Today nothing interesting had happened - the school, learning, and so day passes. Well, it's good that is evening now, and as soon I could go to sleep. Terribly I want to sleep - so that my eyes are burning.

* * *

Photo for today: small amber



Today is much better than yesterday. Someone help me understand myself. Thank you, thank, THANK YOU :D If it was not for a long conversation this day would be similar to yesteday. Once again, huge thanks.

As of today I think positively. I really try and to my surprise it works. Everything is slowly right along. All cases gradually moving towards to happy end. I'm very happy about it.
I feel that everything will be fine. Today I really feel it with great force. It's really a great feeling to feel this way. After the dark days finally the sun came out for me. Hurrah !!

My motto for the coming months:

I want, I can, I'm a rock,
stand like a statue is not enough,
I will to move the world-shattering.
Hey, no more white flags,
although it was sometimes simultaneously,
Yesterday was the last time !

I beat myself today, I beat myself,
prove that can be better

*polish version*

Chcę, potrafię, jestem skałą
stać jak posąg to za mało 
wole ruszyć z posad świat 
Hej, nigdy więcej białych flag 
chociaż już bywało tak 
wczoraj był ostatni raz

Pokonam dziś siebie, pokonam siebie 
udowodnię, że można lepiej

This is part of the song Defeat (Pokonam siebie) Feel the team. The song may be infantile, but the text is profound.
I hope that it help me.

~ ~ ~

Pantene shampoo was a huge dissappointment. The hair is after it loaded and greasy fast. Today I sent to Rossman my parents to buy me a new shampoo - Garnier. We'll see how it works.

~ Photo taken by my mobile phone ~

* * *

Photo for today: colours of spring


Maybe, maybe

Maybe this is my the last post. Perhaps for a long time I won't add any posts. Maybe, maybe, maybe...
Everything are only my conjecture, supposition...

Awaits for me a very hard week - a lot of responsibilities, a lot of work ahead of me. I don't know if I manage it. Really, for the first time I feel that it's all beyond me. I can't comprehend everything. Everything leaking though my fingers. Time less and less, unnecessary responsibilities instead dissappear it arrive at a dizzying pace.
The world is weird. Everyone seeks his own path without looking at the other people. It's sad and disappointing. In moments of sorrow you can count only on your own. Sadly...
I really want to be optimistic but I can't. Please people help me ! Every day I try to think positiv but I can't. Almost immediately, in my mind appear black scenarios. I know that it can no longer, I know, really, but...
I have no strength to fight. I anything not enjoy, for all that everything sad me and depresses.

* * *

Photo for today: summer, summer - I need you so much


Better ?

Today is better than yesterday - it's true ? I don't know - really. It's difficult question for me today. All day I'm spending on learning - History, Deustch, English and Polish. Massacre !
A lot of work - I already want to free days...
There are no minutes of the day, which I don't think about Matura exams and waiting for me after it long holidays. On the one hand I get stressed (Matura exams), on the other hand I'm happy and I'm excited (holidays). I'm saying, literary, torn. But who cares ? No one...
I'm alone on this world, nobody cares about me, no one understands me...

What would happen if suddenly all dissapeared lands flooded by the ocean ? I don't know, probably we would have died, and if we survive I would not have to take Matura exams...simply because it would not be for me anything needed.
Catastrophic thoughts ? No, not really.
Outside, getting colder, and therefore global warming is coming (yes, global warming not global cooling). The Mayans predicted the end of the world this year, and the everywhere cold are the first sign of impending apocalypse.

And my apocalypse shall come in May...

* * *

Photo for today: little ray of sun



Today I learned History to school. It took me most of the day, and yet I can with this almost nothing :(
Tomorrow I'll planned learning more from today: History, Deutsch, English and probably (if it will be time) Polish and Maths. But something I feel that for the Polish and Maths not enought time ;/
Learning before such a long break is very very difficult - do not want to go to the head (Or maybe it came ? Maybe I something remember ? I don't know. It turns out tomorrow.)

When I think about going back to school makes me panic. I don't know what it is - so many tests and other such things. It's definitely too much for Matura graduates. We should focus on Matura exams and not less important things !

Day by day I'm more and more plans for the holidays. I guess I'll have to save it somewhere so me not flew
: D

* * *

Photo for today:  castle - holiday memory


The last free day

Today is the last free day without learning to school. I have planned learning for the end of this week but somehow I do not have too much desire to learn something. I have too much learning, too much for this short week - school week have only 5 days and tests are almost 10 ! How is this possible ?! I don't know !
It is the fault of teachers and...my "beloved" class. I hate you !! Teachers think that we have no holidays ! But when somehow will ask a teacher or for example a test check answer is: "There were holidays/free etc. Do you think that I have nothing else to do ?!?!"
Yees, as if to say to one teacher: "And what do you think? That we have nothing else works on holiday/free ?!?!". Ah, that will be fun...

Today I didn't do so much. I'm just learning History for matura exams, and that's all. Nothning interesting - yesterday was sufficiently rich in experience.
And I did some photos of new flower ("Slipper" - "Pantofelek")which my parents bought me today ^ ^

I'm very sad because of that in total from tomorrow ending winter holidays for me - learning to school it definitely ends it.

* * *

Photo for today: evil shall come in tomorrow



Today was really good for me:

* I finally gained Capivit Piękne Włosy ! I search him everywhere for a long time and finally I found him in Super-Pharm ! I'm very happy ! My hair really need this specific.

* I also ended "Middle Ages" in History and began "Early Modern Era". Hurrah !! Before this chapter are chapters that of the knowledge which is known to me. I think that will be easy. I hope...

* I use for the first time my new shampoo.

My hair after washing is soft, shiny and smelling. I hope that this will remain and they are not disposable and only the results of the first wash.

* In the evening my mobile phone got new software - Nokia Belle. This software is beautiful. Everything works quickly and efficiently. In with all software package I got also a few wallpapers - some very nice and showy. Now my mobile phone is perfect !

~ ~ ~

Yesterday I thought about my the longest holiday in my life which waiting for me this year and I decided to do something constructive. I hesistate between the two ideas and I will probably realized both of them.
But now there secret and confidential. Maybe I reveal it to you before the holidays or already during their implementation.

* * *

Photo for today: be happy



Today was a very lazy day. In total I did nothing and the day somehow passed so quickly. 
At morning (12 pm) I read a new number of "Komputer Świat". Then, I watched on TV debate on ACTA. I have not learned anything new. Internet users their rights, and Prime Minister of his reasons. I lost a total of more  than 3 hours on the political babble (debate lasted from 14.30 pm to 18 pm). And I had to learn History...

I learned a little bit of the History, but they were only 2 pages. Holy shit ! Tomorrow I'll have to more learning from today...but this is only my fault. I could not watch the debate. Who told me ? Well who ? No one ! Only me ! Never mind ! 

I am slowly becoming accustomed to think that this is the last week of winter holidays. I have to think about it today, so on Sunday I do not get  a sudden shock: "WHAT ??!! To school tomorrow ??!!"
I have a lot of learning to school. I'll planned start teaching on Wednesday or Thursday, but I more inclined to Thursday (need to use the winter holidays). 

Now is evening and I eat delicious cookies and drink hot fruit tea ♥

* * *

Photo for today: hot tea


The last free Sunday

Cold, cold, cold - when I look on my previous posts in each of them the main topic was cold. I think that but today was like a little warmer. But maybe that's just my subjective feeling.

Today I learned History (nothing new XD) and did some photos (I had an incredible sunset ♥). With the teaching of History is slowly getting closer to the end of the Middle Ages. I hope that before learn to school I finish the Middle Ages and perhaps start another topic - Early Modern Era.

Do you like Polish comedies ? Probably you are wondering why I ask this question.I ask them because, just happens on TV is a cult Polish comedy:  Galimatias, czyli kogel - mogel 2. Do you like her ?

So, Sunday passed lazy and rich in photos. I think that the last lazy Sunday to May...end of May. If I do even  any photo or photos to May it will be a real miracle.
I have some photo plans for tomorrow but I don't if I can do them.

* * *

Photo for today: inspired by my friend ^ ^


Baked apples

Outside is cold, but this is nothing new. I'm slowly getting used to the cold-embracing. No temperature can not surprise me anymore.
At home to help me survive the cold exterior through the hot fruit tea, hot meals (the base !!), a thick blanket, woolen socks and a sweater and...baked apples. Yes, today I ate them again ^ ^
In a fit of inspiration I took some photos (not just baked apples, but the cakes that my mom baked today). 

This weekend is the last "free" weekend. I mean such a weekend, which I do not need to learn and do some things for school. I tried and I try to use as can be best: a long sleep (to 11 pm - today is a little shorter that yesterday, when I slept to 12 pm), unencumbered learning to Matura exams (even today I found interesting things in History, things that even I liked and quickly came to my mind) and...lazy.  

Tomorrow is Sunday. I love Sunday but when it is free, when I do not need to learn anything, when I can with  impunity all day to laze. But when Sunday is the last day of weekend I hate her.

Today again I used my new Body Lotion (sorry for photo quality but it was taken by my mobile phone).
My skin after use it is soft  and hydrated and it smells amazing. Also on the second day  is the same, but the evening is dry my skin again. I hope that this will happen only at the beginning, because I never used Body Lotion and my skin really needs a deep hydration.

* * *

Photo for today: baked apple


Siberian cold

Today I was in the shop where I bought shampoo (link) and Body Lotion (link). The smell of this Lotion is AMAZING !! ♥ I don't know yet how it works (I'll try tonight) but now I'm in love with the incredible smell.
So I think a shopping to be successful.
I was still evening go to the dentist, but...miracle, hole in my tooth was gone O_O
I can not explain. It's strange...

I am walking around the city I had the impression that people from leaving the house, nothing is able to stop - even the most frosts. Everywhere there are crowds, huge queues in the shops.
When I walked the city that I felt freezing. I quickly bought everything what I planned (even food for Pusia) and ran away as soon as possible to the car *warmth*

I had to learn the History, however...I gave up. I do not want me today anything, I have no desire or any motives. I had a headache, I feel cold - is definitely a bad time to learn anything.

* * *

Photo for today: a summer night


COLD !!!

I don't know what is happening outside. From day to day is colder and colder. That's strange. I think that end of the world is getting closer. Really !

Today I learned something to my matura exam from History and then I did one matura sheet from Polish. This sheet was really difficult - hard text reading comprehension and hard essay.  And when I did it I didn't have desire to do something more to matura exams *sorry my books - not today*

* * *

Photo for today: pink heather ♥


I freeze...

Outside is very cold today - colder than yesterday. My nose and hands are very cold and hot radiator doesn't help me improve it :(
Even Pusia - my guinea pig - slept all day on a high mountain hay and did not want her to go out of the cage. Just now she pulled feet and got up - and so is a sign that's time for dinner (today I have toasts - hot meals are the best for cold days !!)

All day I'm working. In the morning (12 pm - I woke up :D) I finished my matura presentation (finally), and then I did Matura sheets from Polish and Math. And when I looked at the clock was already 18 pm.
I'm afraid that does not have time with all to the Matura exams. The most scares me the History, for which I somehow can not get down :((
I'm afraid what it will...

Today I ate a wonderful dish - baked apple with sugar and cinnamon. D E L I C I O U S ♥
Big apple, excellent smell - I love it ! I do not remember the last time when I ate baked apples. I think that is the best way on a cold winter evenings.

* * *

Photos for today: my guinea pig
(sorry for the quality of these photos but there are taken by my mobile phone)