Tuesday - small working day

Today I didn't do a lot of things. In the morning I did a small corrects to my matura presentation. And...that's all.
In the evening I did 2 matura tests from Polish.
I hope that today I'll do something more to my matura presentation.

Cold, windy, frostily - awful weather, but sun is shining, strange...

Today is Tuesday - that's impossible. I though all day that today is Monday ! Why? I don't know. This is strange...
You know that something is happening, that I so to speak...

Small question to my readers: did you even use this shampoo: http://a1.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/395364_10151177210835623_245646925622_22406920_151713996_n.jpg ?
If you used this shampoo please give me small opinion about this product :)

* * *

Photos for today: fish : D


Monday - the next hard working day

Today I finished my matura presentation. I'm very happy from that. Tomorrow I have to organize it and make an attemp to speed if I fit in time. I fear that perhaps I don't fit at this time.
And like yesterday, today (12 to 19 pm) I spend on making matura presentation. But it was worth it. I already have the peace of mind ! :D

Outside the window is still very frostily and in addition the wind began to blow which means that the temperature will be felt even lover ;/ Holy shit !

* * *

Photos for today: colors of spring


Sunday - hard working

Sunday, despite the fact that are the winter holiday, was for me very busy today. Well, I did a matura presentation (from 12 pm to 19 pm) but it's not finished yet. I have to finish it tomorrow, to take of the winter holidays a little more.

Cold weather outside the window - even though the sun, is terribly cold. But do not bother me - it is winter, there are winter holidays and it's cold ! And so it should be !
Although it scares me the night of Friday to Saturday, when the temperature is expected to fall below 30 degress Celsius.
I hope, that I do not freeze.
In these cold days, we should remember about feeding animals, especially birds and stray cats, and even think about bring them under our rooves for those cold days.

Winter holidays are something wonderful (especially when is snow and frost). I do not even want to think about returning to school - that horror of horrors...but I will stay there 8-9 weeks after the winter holidays and...THE END OF THIS FUCKING SCHOOL !!
Then the Matura exam and the longest holidays in my life.
But for now I can not think of summer holidays, because the idea works extremaly disincentive for me and I forget about the most important think, that is? A study for exams, for which left only 95 days : O

* * *

Photo for today: something from summer reflections


Saturday - lazy today

Saturday is lazy for me today. This is my first day of winter holidays and I don't know what I should do it.
When I'll write this post I'm doing some matura tasks, I hope...

A few days ago about this time (16 pm) it was so dark that it was necessary to shine the light, and meanwhile today it is still light - it means that the day becomes more and more longer and...spring comes. I know that in this situation, when outside the window is almost 15 degrees below zero Celsius (and it will be colder) it is hard to believe  that the spring goes, but she goes, and will come sooner than you think.

I do not know whether you all know but 19 April 2012, his life ends http://www.picnik.com
This is terrible news for everyone who benefited from this site, including me. Usually I adds a signatures to my photos there (where I find so many cool fonts ??).
Well, I'll have a disaccustom. I've been doing it slowly - now I add signatures in Photoshop, where I made special action for them.

Today, my mother cooked cake - Waves of the Danube (recipe: http://www.bavariankitchen.com/desserts/donauwellen.aspx ). I hope, that tomorrow I'll make some photos of this cake ^ ^

* * *

Photo for today: something happy (I hope) for today :)


Winter holidays

Yes, I have finally winter holidays. I waited for them very long and in the end I have them ! : D
Today I am very tired, but I don't want to write about it.
That's all for today - tomorror or on Sunday I write more...I hope.

* * *

Photo for today: remembrance of summer holidays


What?! Monday ?!

Weekend slowly comes to end...unfortunately :(
Tomorrow will be my first day at school after ill. I'm afraid about it...I think that I will have a lot of work, learn and difficult conversations. I hope that everything what I planned come true.

This week will be my last week before winter holidays. Before them I will have really little time to end of school (27th April) and Matura exam :O

For the winter holidays remainded only 4 and half days.

* * *

Photo for today: my lover ♥


Saturday - busy day ?

Yesterday I thought that I today will have a lot of work but it was wrong thinking.
I learned something today, but it not took me time a lot. I had to do the tasks in mathematics, but I gave up - do not want to do anything ;/

Weather is not good - gray, gloomy = awful !

* * *

Photos for today: multi-colored angels


Friday !

Today I feel so much better than on Monday. Ears don't hurt me, my throat is almost ok and I don't have temperature (finally !). And I have to go to school on Monday ;/
But this is the last week before winter holidays and I really happy about it. I know that I will have probably a lot of work (arrears, unfortuantely) but I think that I have enought strength to do it.

Today I had plan to learn something for school, but when I looked on books I feel worse, really. But in the afternoon I take books from English and learn something. But that was all what I did today to school.
I will learn everything tomorrow and on Sunday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think that I don't understand people. They are around me, say to me something but they probably speak in "foreign" language which I don't know.
I don't understand the people closest to me. I don't know - they have diffrent brains? I don't know !
I ask myself questions and I can't answer on them. I don't know what is happening to me - getting old? I become a real adult with million questions that are not answered?
Matura exam scares me, what after it will take place - adult life. How do I help it myself in it? Can I survive the rat race that goes on in our lives ?

* * *

Photo for today: some energetic colors - yellow and red



Friendly request

My best friend asked me to add something happy to improve our moods but...I don't have mood to add something happy.
I feel terrible - my ear really hurts me :(

* * *

Photo for today: rainy mood



Illness put me to bed, and this is for good :(
I lie and I feel I'm slowly dying - my body is fragmented and my head hurts so that I want to chop off her !

I'm not going to school, unfortunately, to Friday (I had to go on Wednesday - a reminder of the editor).
And so, after Sunday ahead of me very very hard week - three current tests + three outstanding from this week. Well, I have to somehow give cope.

For now, I do not think about it, just lie in bed and as it benefits the sick - I'm sitting on Facebook and sometimes fall asleep.

Outside the window snow, cold, frost...and what's up with you ? :)

* * *

Photo for today: before and after the attack of winter


Disease :(

Yes, I'm ill. I feel terrible - headache and earache are kill me :(

* * *

Photos for today: some photos of last year's frost


Small disease slowly change in big disease

Like in the topic...unfortunately ;(
I feel very bad - I have terrible headache, dizziness, sore throat, earache and etc.

Yesterday in Poland was winter attack - it was snowing and very strong wind was blowing. Snow not melted, fortunately,  and still enjoys his white my eyes ♥

Sorry, for this short post but I don't have enough strength  to write something more.

* * *

Photo for today: when the windows came the snow, photo maybe some snow ? (unfortunately the last year photo, because I can't go out and photograph this year's snow :(( )

UPDATE: I decided to take some "snow" photos from my window. And I add here 2 version of the same photo: could you please help me choose better ?


Little disease :(

Yes, I'm sick...and I wrote my previous post that I can not be sick, eh :(
But I stayed at home today and already is a little better. Tomorrow I go to school and at the weekend should cure to end. 

Besides, it's nothing new for me. I repetition again tomorrow Matura in mathematics from geometry :( 
I hate geometry !!!!

For the winter holiday are 2 weeks...

* * * 

Photo for today: small ladybug


Terrible headache

Since yesterday I had terrible headache, sore throat and earache. I think I'm beginnig to an illness :(
I can not be sick now, just I do not have time to do it ! :( I hope that somehow it all pass me.

In school all test are now behind me. I think that went me well.
Next week I have some difficult tests but I try don't think about it now.


Oh nooo ;(

What? Tomorrow is Monday ??!! Again ?? Noooo ;(
And tomorrow begin hard week :(
I don't have a lot of tests but these tests that I have are very difficult ;(

Yestarday I had very bad mood - everything sadden me, but today I think that everything...no, not everything, but majority is almost OK.

* * *

Photos for today: I decided to give you some summer.


Saturday - fucking day

Today's Saturday is terrible...so many awful things happening that did not even have the strength to write about it...

* * *

Photo for today: something happy...I hope...


Day off

Yes, today I have day off from school, but my mood is very awful. I feel very tired and sad. Probably because weather is not good - cold, wind and rain - where is snow ?? : (
I try to improve my mood by listen music or watching TV but it doesn't work : (
Despite the fact that I have day off I did 32 exercises in Maths ;/
Matura exam - and all is clear...unfortunately.
Yet today I wanted to learn a little history, but unfortunately I no longer have the strength for it : (

No inspiration, no mood...sadly...

* * *

Photo for today: black&white terror



After several hours communing with troglodytes class I really have had bad enought. Sometimes I feel that either they do not have brains or turned the brains of monkey...no, it was an insult to monkeys. They simply do not have them and so.

But today, Thursday (I wanted to write a Friday XD) and I will not bother them a head. Bye bye, troglodytes class, we will meet again on Monday...unfortunately.

Today was very tiring. Fortunately, slowly coming to end and I hope that he misses nothing and I can indulge in blissful indolence.

* * *

Photo for today: foggy mood and foggy photo



Yes, I finally decided to make blog. I hope that you will help me maintain it, because so far every blog I would delete after first post. Today's post is very short, I hope that tomorrow or Friday I will write longer.

* * *

Photos for today: outside the window there is no snow here though so let will visit :)