Saturday - lazy today

Saturday is lazy for me today. This is my first day of winter holidays and I don't know what I should do it.
When I'll write this post I'm doing some matura tasks, I hope...

A few days ago about this time (16 pm) it was so dark that it was necessary to shine the light, and meanwhile today it is still light - it means that the day becomes more and more longer and...spring comes. I know that in this situation, when outside the window is almost 15 degrees below zero Celsius (and it will be colder) it is hard to believe  that the spring goes, but she goes, and will come sooner than you think.

I do not know whether you all know but 19 April 2012, his life ends http://www.picnik.com
This is terrible news for everyone who benefited from this site, including me. Usually I adds a signatures to my photos there (where I find so many cool fonts ??).
Well, I'll have a disaccustom. I've been doing it slowly - now I add signatures in Photoshop, where I made special action for them.

Today, my mother cooked cake - Waves of the Danube (recipe: http://www.bavariankitchen.com/desserts/donauwellen.aspx ). I hope, that tomorrow I'll make some photos of this cake ^ ^

* * *

Photo for today: something happy (I hope) for today :)


  1. Łał, i te kropelki *.* Ale zdjęcie mogłoby być troszkę inaczej wykadrowane, moim zdaniem. Skromnym zresztą bardzo. :D ;p

  2. Nom nom nom *O* jakie to dobreeee ciastoooo
    Pierwszy dzień ? ;> ale chyba tylko oficjalnie ^^

    cudowne zdjęcie <3

    1. Przepyszne :D
      No jasne, że oficjalnie :D

      Dziękuję :*

  3. Mi się niestety skończyły :P Dzięki za odwiedziny ;)

    1. Oj :((
      Mnie też to czeka, ale na razie o tym nie myślę :))

      Nmzc :D