Friday !

Today I feel so much better than on Monday. Ears don't hurt me, my throat is almost ok and I don't have temperature (finally !). And I have to go to school on Monday ;/
But this is the last week before winter holidays and I really happy about it. I know that I will have probably a lot of work (arrears, unfortuantely) but I think that I have enought strength to do it.

Today I had plan to learn something for school, but when I looked on books I feel worse, really. But in the afternoon I take books from English and learn something. But that was all what I did today to school.
I will learn everything tomorrow and on Sunday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think that I don't understand people. They are around me, say to me something but they probably speak in "foreign" language which I don't know.
I don't understand the people closest to me. I don't know - they have diffrent brains? I don't know !
I ask myself questions and I can't answer on them. I don't know what is happening to me - getting old? I become a real adult with million questions that are not answered?
Matura exam scares me, what after it will take place - adult life. How do I help it myself in it? Can I survive the rat race that goes on in our lives ?

* * *

Photo for today: some energetic colors - yellow and red



  1. Eee tam, nie ucz się :D

    1. Taaa, pie*dol szkołę zostań ninja co? XD

    2. Exactly :D

  2. zostań ninja ! to jest dużo lepszy plan xD
    podoba mi się nawet... hmmm... chyba też zostanę ninja ... to ma sens przynajmniej xD

    fajne te zdjęcia ^^ aż się tak wiosennie zrobiło .
    Pierwsze i ostanie super (:

    1. Taaak, zostańmy ninja XD

      Dziękuję ;*

  3. Jak zwykle piękne zdjęcia...a co do notki...mój mózg już o tej porze nic prawie nie umie przetłumaczyć :P Ale przetrwałaś! :-)