Small summary

I decided to do small summary of this week.

On Tuesday I was very annoyed - first in school and later at home.
Sometimes I feel like "slightly damaged" some people for their irresponsibility ! By their carelessness innocent people suffer.
Decisions of some "adult" people also makes me to the white fever - who invented trial Matura exams to marks ? *facepalm*

Wednesday - I didn't remember what I do ! It's worrying - could I fell on sclerosis ? I only remember that I made a decision that I was realized today. Anyway it is nothing - black hole.

Yesterday was crazy, fast and full of learning.

This day finished me off. I'm very tired, but...I'm also happy and satisfied - today I was at hairdresser. I only cut my hair, but this change had a positive results on my mood.

FRIDAY IS TODAY !!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥

WOW, I have more than 1000 visits !! Hurrah !!
Thank all my visitors ^ ^ ♥

* * *

Photo for today: winery