Trial Matura exam of Polish

Trial Matura exam of Polish was difficult. An essay was easy (from two topics I chose easier), but text reading comprehension was strange, difficult and not understandable. I have no idea who chose this stupid text ! Everyone who came out of the class strongly expressed its views on this text. Holy shit !
Tomorrow awaits me trial Matura exam of English. I hope that will be easier than today's exam. Especially I'm afraid of listening. This is what always makes me difficult. Exam's listenings are often blurred recorded or characters appearing in the video speak too fast.

Outside is warmer that last days. Finally ! Sun is shining and birds are singing. It' pleasant ! ♥

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My guinea pig is ill :(
She has external otitis. She sleep majority of the day and drink water a lot. Fortunately, she eats - and this is the most important thing.

* * *

Photo for today: two small ships. Their sails are make of amber.


  1. fajne te łodzie :D
    +20 !!! \m/ rulz!
    Jak próbny jest trudny egzamin, to zazwyczaj prawdziwy jest łatwiejszy ^^ tak mówią i coś w tym jest prawdy muszę przyznać...
    Ojej :< Pusia jest chora T_T zdrowia jej życzę <3