Trial Matura exam of Maths

Trial Matura exam of Maths was very very difficult. Almost all tasks were the same degree of difficulty - extremaly difficult. Just about 14 tasks from 33 was easy - I did them without any difficulties. For the rest of the tasks I didn't even know how to take, namely: closed tasks I shot and making rhymes and open tasks I didn't touch. I thought that only me that exam passes so bad but I was wrong. Everyone who I asked about exam told me that the exam had been really difficult and majority of tasks made the problems. Well, the teachers who composed this exam clearly overestimated our abilities - as much as geniuses we are not XD I only hope that Matura exams in May will be easier than these exams.

All exams writen ! Hurrah ! ^ ^
Now only remains to wait patiently for the grades which teachers issue to us of them.

Well, small summary. After writing all the exams I come to the conclusion that the easiest was English exam. Despite the difficulty in listenings everything was clear and as far as smooth (I think). More difficult than English was Polish exam. Provided that the essay was a simple, that text reading comprehension was a real tragedy. Questions were tricky and difficult to understand.
And today's Maths exam was a slaughterhouse ! Yes ! Massacre of the Innocents ! If from this exam I'll get 2 (grade) then I will be happy, really >_>
Good, the end talking about Matura exams...as yet...in this post XD

Today's weather is in the box - as I wrote the exam in the morning it was raining mixed with snow, as I left school it was raining and now the sun is shining. World is strange XD
Snow took an ugly brownish-gray color and leaves a huge puddles. Mud is everywhere - it's awful.

I still not feel good. My head really hurts, I have sore throat and other unpleasant symptoms. However I think that is disease. I didn't have any stress today ( I didn't afraid Matura exam of Maths because I can Maths XD - but not these tasks from the Matura which I wrote today ! ) so it can't be signs of stress. If I don't get better I go to the doctor on Friday.

* * *

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  1. O gooszzz O_O slaughterhouse? matma? i to mówi ktoś kto lubi matmę ? to co powiem ja o,O już się boje...
    już możesz trochę się wyluzować ^^ próbny już za Tobą :D i zdrówka życzę <3