Maybe, maybe

Maybe this is my the last post. Perhaps for a long time I won't add any posts. Maybe, maybe, maybe...
Everything are only my conjecture, supposition...

Awaits for me a very hard week - a lot of responsibilities, a lot of work ahead of me. I don't know if I manage it. Really, for the first time I feel that it's all beyond me. I can't comprehend everything. Everything leaking though my fingers. Time less and less, unnecessary responsibilities instead dissappear it arrive at a dizzying pace.
The world is weird. Everyone seeks his own path without looking at the other people. It's sad and disappointing. In moments of sorrow you can count only on your own. Sadly...
I really want to be optimistic but I can't. Please people help me ! Every day I try to think positiv but I can't. Almost immediately, in my mind appear black scenarios. I know that it can no longer, I know, really, but...
I have no strength to fight. I anything not enjoy, for all that everything sad me and depresses.

* * *

Photo for today: summer, summer - I need you so much


  1. Dasz Sobie radę z następnymi tygodniami ^^
    wierzę w Ciebie :D
    co do pozytywnego myślenia, to sama musisz się do niego zmusić, albo przyzwyczaić, bo inaczej to się nie da ;)
    będzie dobrze ^^
    trzymaj się !
    No i ładne , wiosenne zdjęcie :)

    1. Mam nadzieję...
      Tak, wiem, jednak to trudne i jakoś nie umiem myśleć pozytywnie :(
      Dziękuję ;*

    2. musisz się postarać ^^ a uda się

  2. Ja też się staram myśleć pozytywnie :P

    1. Ja już teraz myślę tylko pozytywnie :)