Today I didn't go to school because I had a terrible rash. I took some tablets and rash slowly dissapear. It was probably allergic on something but I have no idea on what.
Do you think that all day I did nothing ? You are wrong ! All day I learn to school: English, Deutsch, Polish (now it turned out that unnecessary) and History - only read it (our teacher probably will ask us).

Sorry, but I did it again - I didn't write so long here, again...
Really, I want to write here more but simply I don't have enough time on everything what I want to do. I'm very sorry about that.
In the holidays I will write here daily....and something new appear here (more than one thing I suppose) :-)

In the last post I wrote about new vade mecum which I bought. It came to me on Monday and...since that time I didn't have time to look into it (notes to History didn't count). I hope that finally I will have time to learn to Matura exam. "I hope" I wrote ? I MUST to need time !

Outside I have snow O_O

* * *

Photo for today: small experiment with Photoshop action

Some photos from holiday =>


  1. daj tego środka z maku *O* jestem na głodzie ~~
    zajęty dzień miałaś :<
    śnieg? suszarką go ! suszarką XD
    piękne te kwiaty <3

  2. Co mam ci dać ? o_O
    No miałam ;/
    Dziękuję :)

    1. maku ! maku! on działa jak narkotyk xD duużo maku
      naćpamy się i będzie fajnie xD

  3. świetny blog !!! , Na pewno będę zaglądać częściej :) :* obserwujemy ?